Workshops & Activities

Project Lulu workshops bring participants together for guided exploration and fun! Artist facilitators make it easy: art for anybody!

Arts Express

Arts Express workshops open creative space for anyone. Our workshop facilitators are teaching artists who bring considerable talent and practice within their medium and as teachers. Participants are regularly so proud of their work, they forego offers of anonymity. But the true awe is in the process ~ playful concentration among color, image, rhythm and word.

October 2015, Arts Express Twin Ports brings FREE workshops to the Duluth-area!
Monday evenings in Canal Park doodling and scribbling. What's not to love? Learn more here.


Slideshow from October 2014 Arts Express ~ Grand Rapids workshops for cancer survivors and caregivers, featuring drawing with Elizabeth Kuth and poetry with Sheila Packa.


Our Thresholds Workshops are open to anyone wanting to explore a life transition or change. The explorations of young and old bring into focus the specific and universal thresholds an individual navigates in one lifetime.

Spring 2015, we held a one-day Thresholds workshop, moving back and forth between writing and movement exploration, first alone and then using one another as props and readers. Powerful metaphors come from that interplay between written language and body language! View the one-day Thresholds description, an activity easily adapted for various populations and places.

Our first, January 2013, was a collaboration at California State University Channel Islands. We started with online writing and sharing about “life’s thresholds” – those places, large or small, of significant change. The group was an intergenerational mix of undergrad performance students and senior citizen life-long learners. Project Lulu's director, Lisa McKhann, and board member Karen Keenan traveled to California for a week of movement workshops, using language from the writings as overlays.

Read testimonials from the Califronia Thresholds students.
See workshop brochure.

photo of CSUCI students in Thresholds workshop

students intent on speaker

"They became a very close group. For many of them, it was a life-changing experience. For some people it was very important for them to tell the stories. It’s an amazing experience. It’s intense." – Catherine Burriss, theatre faculty at CSUCI.