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We Love Project Lulu – Testimonials from partners and participants

From partners & collaborators

"There’s stuff in people that, if you nurture it enough, it can come out. We’re not taught to be active in our lives in a spiritual or existential way. There’s an assumption we’re going to be witnesses of world rather than actors. Project Lulu nudges people to find the strengths within themselves that they don’t know they have." – Dr. Charles Gessert, senior research scientist, Essentia Institute of Rural Health

"I have been a nurse for 21 years, working with a variety of patient groups, from labor and delivery, through acute mental health to, most recently, cancer survivors & caregivers. When I reflect on my nursing career, I see the patient suffering that is not physically visible, yet has the most profound impact on those experiencing it: emotional trauma. Our society has difficulty accepting or embracing emotional trauma. Project Lulu's Reflecting Pools offer a place where individuals can go to be honest with themselves. There is no judgment about how they feel. It's a place where emotional healing can begin."
– Colleen Baggs, program director, Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center

“I think everybody loved the Thresholds workshop. . . . They became a very close group. For many of them it was a life-changing experience. For some people it was very important for them to tell the stories. It’s an amazing experience. And for the audience, I think knowing that it was real people’s stories definitely hit them.” – Catherine Burriss, professor of performing arts, California State University Channel Islands

From participants & audience members

"They [Project Lulu artists] were able to see the beauty in everything we did and were very helpful and encouraging when we came to a creative block." – undergraduate student participant in Thresholds workshop

"With everything I let out, a little twinkle returns to my eyes. Woohoo! I get excited about things again!!" – Freedomgrrl, nickname of a woman among 9 breast cancer survivors to pilot reflecting pools

"Journaling...I have found this rather freeing, and it has been good to read what others in the same boat are going through and how they are handling it...... how it makes them feel. I AM NOT ALONE. It is not that I don’t have friends or family that care, but it is just different when you have “the diagnosis”. I am grateful for this opportunity. It has been good to get it out!" – Jane, nickname of study participant in Essentia's reflective writing groups for breast cancer survivors

Mass movement piece in the first Project Lulu show, Tweed Museum of Art, 2003.