Free Online Journaling Groups for:

  • Cancer patients / survivors
  • Stroke and TBI survivors
  • People with ALS or Parksinson's
  • Caregivers and family of rehabilitation patients and cancer patients / survivors

  • What is a Reflecting Pool?
    A service of the Duluth-based nonprofit, Project Lulu, Reflecting Pool provides a safe, quiet, private place for individuals to write, read and share among peers.

  • Anonymous writing, selective reading & sharing
  • Easy-to-use, any time, anywhere with internet access
  • Custom writing categories tailored to your group
  • Developed in collaboration with health providers, patients & caregivers

  • Who will be able to read my entries?
    Journal entries are anonymous, identified only with your self-chosen nickname. Writings can be completely private, or you can share them with the group. Project Lulu monitors entries for appropriateness and safety and may anonymously share writing excerpts for education and outreach purposes.

    Why online journaling?
    An associative and creative process, writing helps you make and explore new connections, stumble on new conclusions, and discover things you didn’t know. Writing has been used in support groups as part of therapy, and expressive writing can help with recovery and alleviate anxiety and depression after illness. At Reflecting Pool, we aim toward ‘reflective writing,’ hoping to lead participants toward moments of unexpected honesty.

    Reflecting Pool sign-up

    Reflecting Pool Sign-Up

    In addition to log-in, this is the name that will appear on your shared entries

    Thanks for joining us! Please look for & reply to our email in coming minutes, confirming your Relfecting Pool. Then you can log-in and begin any time.

    Some unexpected gifts of reading and writing in your private group include . . .

    Humor. Freedom. Comfort. Honesty. Peace.


    A 3-min. intro video to Reflecting Pools.

    Regional Support for Patient & Caregiver Pools
    Reflecting Pool® is a free, online place of psychological and social healing, a service of the nonprofit, Project Lulu. Support for Reflecting Pools in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin comes from: Miller Dwan Foundation, Medica Foundation, Blue Plus, Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center, St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center, Essentia Health, Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, additional health providers, & individual donors.

    If you live outside of this region, you are still welcome to join a Pool. Your support is most welcome. You can make a good-will donation, or connect us with your local healthcare center. Thanks!

    The Research Behind Reflecting Pools
    Over 90 breast cancer survivors participated in a study by Essentia Institute of Rural Health using these online journaling groups as an intervention for their psychological and social well-being. Here women were able to safely explore and express their feelings, while finding community in the experiences of others.
    View "Good To Get It Out" video - actors voice scripted writing excerpts.
    Read "Healing Through Reflective Writing: Breast Cancer Survivors’ Experience" Minnesota Medicine, July 2013.

    Reflecting Pools for cancer survivors and caregivers (brochure)

    Background Sheet on Reflecting Pools (pdf), a brief history, info about confidentiality, and the team behind this free offering.

    How To Use the Reflecting Pool Website (pdf), a visual and written guide to the main three parts of this online journaling website: the writing space, the group's reading room, and your journal of writings.

    FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Reflecting Pools