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Reflecting Pools provide a safe, quiet place for individuals to write, read and share among similarly situated people. These are online journaling groups with custom-tailored prompts and categories to support each group. We offer them free to all in health crisis, no matter where you live.

We currently have free, open groups for:

  • breast cancer patients/survivors
  • other kinds of cancer patients/survivors
  • caregivers and family of a cancer patient/survivor
  • stroke and TBI survivors; people with ALS or Parkinson's
  • caregivers and family of rehabilitation patients
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    Over 90 breast cancer survivors participated in a study by Essentia Institute of Rural Health using these online journaling groups as an intervention for their psychological and social well-being. Here women were able to safely explore and express their feelings, while finding community in the experiences of others. View "Good To Get It Out" - video of study writing excerpts.  

    Regional Support for Patient & Caregiver Pools
    In northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, cancer patients/survivors and rehabilitation patients (those living with stroke, ALS, Parkinson's, traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, etc), plus their family and caregivers can join a free Reflecting Pool, thanks to support from area healthcare centers and foundations. Funding comes from the Miller-Dwan Foundation, Medica Foundation, St. Luke's Regional Cancer Center, Polinsky Medical Rehab Center, Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center, and from individual donors.

    Dip a toe into our Demonstration Pool
    Not sure? There's a sample Reflecting Pool you can explore. See the writing space, custom writing categories (borrowed from a cancer survivor pool), and how entries can be kept private or shared with your group.
    On the Reflecting Pool log-in page, type:
    Login: guest
    Password: pool
    Click the 'log-in' button

    We are in conversation with healthcare providers, patient advisory groups, and others about populations Reflecting Pools can serve. Please feel free to contact us about your ideas or needs.

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    "With everything I let out, a little twinkle returns to my eyes. Woohoo! I get excited about things again!!"

    – Freedomgrrl,
    nickname of breast cancer survivor & reflecting pool pioneer

    "I have found this journaling rather freeing, and it has been good to read what others in the same boat are going through and how they are handling it, how it makes them feel. I am not alone. I knew that, . . . but it is just different when you have 'the diagnosis'. "

    – Elle, nickname of breast cancer survivor and JOMMA study participant

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