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Readings & Other Events

Project Lulu coordinates staged readings and events, using excerpts from group reflections, developed into an original script. Reflecting Pool writings have such rich detail and clear voice, they call out to be shaped into art and shared! Project Lulu events help share insights. Folks love ‘em.

Audience members hear the concreteness of the plain language, and sense the personality of each writer, some clearly expressing feelings for the first time.

We find or provide writers to shape journaling excerpts into scripts or publications. With a simple script, the highly effective ‘staged reading’ can be done using local actors or volunteers.

Actors Give Voice

"Good To Get It Out," Oct. 3, 2015, at Essentia Health's Women's Health Seminar, Duluth, MN

"The Journal Project" staged reading from JOMMA pilot project with breast cancer survivors, presented in 2011 at Fitger's, Duluth, MN. View TV coverage of staged reading by Fox 21 News. Read script.

Publications and performances offer a powerful testimony to the shared realities of one group’s experience. They validate the participants and educate others. After our Thresholds Workshop at CSUCI, the theatre department developed and performed an evening-length show. It was scripted entirely from the mixed-generation writings on life’s threshold moments. See Workshops.

catherine burriss and craig bikel with Lisa McKhann at far left

"How do I tell? I'm so tired. All of the time. Is my body just needing time to heal? It's been a year. If I'm thinking that, surely everyone around me is expecting more out of me." –Freedomgrl