Project Lulu Mission & Values

Project Lulu is a nonprofit founded to cultivate creative expression by individuals and groups. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, we offer both internet resources and in-person workshops.

Our Mission: Project Lulu brings expressive arts opportunities to individuals and communities in need, especially those living in health crisis.

Our Core Values:

Flexibility Project Lulu tailors programs to meet each community’s needs. Working online and in person,  Project Lulu pilots innovative experiences and events for a wide range of partners.

Community We believe collaboration forges new pathways to well-being, both for individuals and communities. Project Lulu programs  encourage connections through story-sharing, interplay, and celebration.

Personal Growth A supportive, online space allows individuals to privately explore personal experiences. The anonymity of small online groups provides fertile conditions for self-expression, risk-taking, reflection, transformation and personal growth.

Creativity Project Lulu honors the artistic abilities in all of us. We provide tools and support for individual and group expression and exploration. Creative expression and spontaneity play a vital role in helping participants to claim more of their story—their truth—through art.

"I learned that each of us has different experiences and ideas, and by collaborating and molding these ideas to a theme, we can create something that is a treasure to perform and watch." Thresholds participant